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Jacuzzi Marine Alternator Are Heavy Duty. A car engine typically only uses a portion of its horsepower to maintain a decent speed on the road. … Essentially, a Marine Alternator engine has just one gear compared to the four or more that a car engine has. This is another major difference between Marine Alternator and car Alternator

Marine Alternator Features
Marine Alternators In order to meet these demands, alternators built for marine use have features not found in automotive-grade units:

Spark screens that meet U.S. Coast Guard standards to eliminate the  Marine alternator as an ignition source
Double-insulation to eliminate electrical shock in wet conditions and prevent sparks
Dual fans and large heat sinks for self-cooling under high, continuous loads
Stainless steel bearings, corrosion-resistant metals and heavy-duty coatings
High output at low RPMs to match Marine Alternator
Battery sensing regulators for high-efficiency battery charging and detection of battery cell failure.