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Denparts MAHLE Starter motors from MAHLE Starter Letrika are perfect for Gas and diesel engines in cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural Motors, ships, and generators. Little wonder, MAHLE Starter developed them for global engine manufacturers. MAHLE Starter meet their increasing requirements with ever more efficient, smaller, and lighter reduction gear MAHLE Starter motors that replace previous direct ones. Thanks to our suppler can rely on MAHLE Starter Letrika products for any application—even under the toughest conditions.The demands of MAHLE Starter motors are pretty tough
Salt spray, humidity, water, dust, mud, vibrations, heat, cold, and aggressive fluids: the list of challenges is long. And yet MAHLE Starter

motors from MAHLE Letrika function reliably. MAHLE Starter are tested at MAHLE Starter test facility have paid off.